Is Flossing Really Worth It? See What Our Highlands Ranch Dentists Say.

We have all read the article claiming flossing is of no importance. This article claims that there were not studies to prove that flossing prevents oral disease. So why should you continue to clean in between your teeth? Did you know that each tooth has 5 surface areas? The top of the tooth (called occlusal […]

Our Highlands Ranch Dental Office Continues To Invest In Your Health With The CariVu Detector

Our Highlands Ranch Dentists, Dr. Parsons and Dr. DeLapp believe in providing you with the latest products, techniques, and services. Continuing with this belief, our Highlands Ranch Dentist have invested in CariVu caries detection system. What is the CariVu caries detection system? This intraoral camera transillumates (or light) tooth structure without the use of radiation. […]

What Can Cause A Toothache? Our Highlands Ranch Dentist Explain

The dreaded toothache, most who have experienced this pain can tell you that it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences. The head and neck, including your teeth are heavily vascularized and innervated. This is what gives us the ability to have a wide range of sensations, but also what causes a toothache to cause […]

Do You Need To Take Antibiotics Before A Dental Procedure If You’ve Had Joint Replacement Surgery? Our Highlands Ranch Dentists Have The Answer.

Joint replacement surgery is being a more common procedure, with about 332,000 hip replacement surgery’s and 719,000 total knee replacement surgeries each year. In the past both orthopedic surgeon and dentist have recommended taking an antibiotic such as Amoxicillin or Erthromycin prior to having and dental procedure. It was believed that there was a potential […]

White Dental Fillings, Highlands Ranch Dentistry

During your last visit to our Highlands Ranch Dental office, Dr. Parsons or Dr. DeLapp may found a cavity that needed to be restored. Or maybe you have a tooth with a fracture  or crack. Our Highlands Ranch Dentist probably reviewed the many options you as a patients have to fix a cavity or broken […]

Teeth Whitening in Highlands Ranch, CO

Do you have an event coming up? A wedding, birthday, anniversary that you want to have a dazzling smile for? We think you should have the smile you want and deserve! If you are considering teeth whitening our Highlands Ranch Dentists are here to help. Our Highlands Ranch Dentist have researched many whitening systems on […]

What is Dental Calculus? Our Highlands Ranch Dentists explain

You may have heard from our Highlands Ranch Hygientist, Ann, at your last dental visit that you have some calculus or “tar-tar”. So what exactly is dental calculus, and is there a formula to prevent the build up? Our Highlands Ranch Dentist defines dental calculus (tartar) as the petrification (crystallization) of dental plaque with calcium […]

Taking Blood Pressure At Your Dental Visit, Why Is It Important?

Many of you have noticed that we are not your average dentist. Our Highlands Ranch dental team goes above and beyond the average dental office. Why? Because we believe that you deserve the best dental and health care available. This is why we provide the latest products, techniques, services, and why are Highlands Ranch Dentists […]

Dental Sedation, What Are Your Options?

Many people suffer from dental anxiety. The cause and degree of dental anxiety can vary from person to person. Our Highlands Ranch Dentist want you to know that we are here to help. We offer a variety of different sedation levels to help you relax and have a positive dental experience. What are your Sedation Options? […]

Sensitivity after dental work, what’s normal, what’s not

Sensitivity can occur after any dental procedure. When the bacteria from a cavity or a crack in a tooth is removed and replaced with a dental filling or crown it is very common to experience some minor sensitivity afterwards. Dental procedures are microsurgery for your teeth. Although our Highlands Ranch Dentist is restoring or fixing […]