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Your Trusted Highlands Ranch Dentist

Cottonwood Dental Group is your Highlands Ranch dentist for your entire family. As a family-owned practice for 38 years, we offer a complete array of compassionate dental services, from cosmetic and sedation dentistry to dental implants and same-day crowns. No matter what kind of dental work you need to have done, you can rely on us to perform it well. We love changing lives, one smile at a time. We strive to provide you with the best possible dental care in our well-equipped dental office, by our highly trained, award-winning dentist, Dr. Sarah Parsons.



Patient care and customer service is our number one priority. Dr. Parsons and our dental team treat you like family. We empower you to strive for the dental health and esthetics that you desire and deserve. Our team will always work with you to achieve your dental goals and desires.


Cottonwood Dental Group and Dr. Parsons, believe that you will receive the greatest value for the work you receive in a comfort and personal setting. Our team knows that when you are in our office anyone can look you in the eye and know that you receive a great value for the care, dedication, training and products you receive. Ranging from routine cleanings to cosmetic services such as SMILE makeovers, we want our patients to SMILE bright when they choose us.


Dr. Parsons and the Cottonwood Team are passionate about advance education and training. Our team understands that dentistry is an ever changing field with advancing techniques and technology. Dr. Parsons prides herself on taking hundreds of hours of continuing education each year. She believes in providing her patients with the most advance technology dentistry has to offer.

Meet Our Highlands Ranch Dentist

Dr. Parsons is a second-generation dentist. Both of Dr. Parsons parents (Dr. Jim DeLapp and Dr. Candace DeLapp) proudly provided comforting, caring, individualized, and quality dental care for over 30 years. Our family dental practice has been serving our patients for over 40 years. Dr. Parsons strives to be a trusted resource for your family. We believe in treating you like a part of our dental family.

Dr. Sarah parsons with her family
Dr. Sarah Parsons, D.D.S. and her family
Top Dentist-Cottonwood Dental group and Dr. Sarah Parsons

Dr. Parsons fell in love with dentistry while her mother, Dr. Candace DeLapp, was in dental school. Her father, Dr. Jim DeLapp was already a practicing dentist and Dr. Parsons spent many afternoons after school at the dental office. Dr. Parsons likens it to on-the-job training. She fell in love with field after seeing the caring dental treatment her parents were able to provide to patients who, let’s face it, not favorite place to be. She was amazed at the transformational power the SMILE can make and giving a patient the SMILE, they always have wanted and deserved. She learned early on that the SMILE is the gateway to rest of the body and holds a deep power of how one feels about one’s self.


We take the worst part about dental care and cut it out. Dental Insurance. Did you know that the dental insurance industry makes more money the more confusing they make their policies? Each insurance company provides thousands of different types of policies. Making it hard for both you as the patient and dental offices to really find out what they will pay for and how much. Reimbursement maximums have not changed since the 1950s with increasing amounts of waiting periods, exclusions, and denials. Most “insurance” plans will pay a maximum of $1,000-$1,500 per year. This leads to almost no money paid towards any dental treatment that is necessary with deductibles and copays due for any preventive and other treatment.

We have eliminated restrictive dental insurance in our office. But cutting out the expensive middleman of insurance, Dr. Parsons and the Cottonwood Team can provide longer visit times, and direct access to our office via phone, text, email, or in-office. Our team is still able to file any claim with dental insurance and they will still pay portions of your visit, just like they have before. Dr. Parsons and our team are not limited to treating you only to what insurance will pay. We are able to go above and beyond and get to your dental goals, providing you with optimal treatment and prevention all in an atmosphere that is relaxing, comforting, and personal.

Many of our patients are looking for other options to break free of the confines of dental insurance. Our office is proud to offer our in-house membership program. This month’s fee covers all the face-to-face reservations you have with our office for the year. It includes:

Cottonwood Dental Group Membership Club Options start at $32/Month for kids and $36/month for adults. Coverage includes:

  • Professional dental cleanings (2 per year)
  • Doctor exams (1-2 per year)
  • Needed x-rays*
  • One emergency exam per year (if needed)
  • 15% Off all other treatments (Some exclusions may apply)
  • 10% Off at our Preferred Specialty Offices (Talk to our team for more details)

Want to learn more or ready to sign up? Click the link below to take you directly to our in-office membership program or call a team member at 303-694-9740. We can’t wait to help you smile.


Cottonwood Dental Group is your Highlands Ranch dentist, offering a complete array of dental services from cosmetic and sedation dentistry to dental implants and same-day crowns. A family-run practice since 1982 has made us one of the preferred dentist offices in Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Castle Pines, and Parker. Local residents trust us for the quality of our personalized care approach offered in a relaxed, friendly, and calm atmosphere. No matter what kind of dental work you need to have done, you can rely on us to perform it well. We love changing lives, one smile at a time.

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Complete Family Care
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Compassionate Highlands Ranch Dental Care by Dr. Sarah Parsons, D.D.S. at Conttonwood dental Group
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Welcome to Cottonwood Dental Group...Your Family Dentist in Highlands Ranch

We take pride in owning and operating a dental practice in Highlands Ranch, Colorado since 1982, Founded by Dr. James DeLapp who left the practice a few years ago and is now a highly awarded faculty dentist. The practice was then run by the duo of mom and daughter until 2019. Now run by second-generation, Dr. Parsons our family will continue to care for your family.

Our reputable and well-equipped dentist’s office focuses on creating a very friendly, calm soothing environment that educates patients on care that is customized and right for you.

At Cottonwood Dental Group, we want to make you feel like a closely-knit family. We offer a complete range of personalized, thoughtful, and skillful dental services for individuals and families.

Whether you need to get dental implants or treatment for misaligned teeth, we can help you. With us, you can get the healthy, happy smile that you deserve. Cottonwood Dental Group is your Highlands Ranch dentist for the entire family.

Limited Time New Patient Specials

Offers ends May 15, 2023

New Patients Only

New Patients save $290

New Patient
Exams & X-Rays

$ 0

Includes comprehensive exam by the doctor and necessary x-rays

Available through May 15, 2023

(D0150, D0210)

New Patients save $69

New Patient
Dental Cleaning

$ 0

A new patient exam is required

Includes a dental cleaning. Does not include periodontal therapy.

Available Through May 15, 2023


New Patients save $162

New Children's
Exam & Cleaning

$ 0

Patients 12 and under receive a professional dental cleaning, fluoride treatment, needed x-rays, and comprehensive exam.

Available Through May 15, 2023

(D0150, D1208, D0272, D1120)

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    Compassionate Highlands Ranch Dental Care by Dr. Sarah Parsons, D.D.S. at Conttonwood dental Group

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    Dr. Sarah Parsons, D.D.S.

    Dr. Sarah Parsons wanted to be in the “family business” from a young age, and loves how dentistry truly changes lives. She believes the mouth is a gateway to the rest of the body increasing overall health with excellent dental health. A fourth-generation Colorado native, Dr. Parsons grew up in Centennial, not too far from Cottonwood Dental Group’s current location. Immediately after dental school, Dr. Parsons went to work with her mother, Dr. Candace DeLapp.

    Dr. Parsons believes strongly in continuing education and investing in technology for her patients. She takes hundreds of hours continuing education each year to provide her patients with the highest standards of comfort, services, products, and technology. She serves as a delegate for the Metro Denver Dental Society as well as on the board for dental malpractice. She is an active member of organized dentistry and stays committed to the community we live in.

    Dr. Parsons is married to her high school sweetheart, Jeff and they have three children. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and enjoys being outdoors in the fabulous Colorado sunshine.