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At Cottonwood Dental Group, we aim to not only provide excellent, comprehensive dental services, but also to educate our patients about proper dental care. We want to help you by giving you the information that you need to maintain the health and beauty of your teeth. Read our blog posts today.

Baby teeth are important too!

Baby Teeth… Do they just fall out? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth decay or “cavities” is the most common chronic condition of childhood and responsible for the most absences from school.  In addition, the American Dental Association states that children with tooth decay are more likely to have tooth decay

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Discover What to Expect When You Need Fillings

The idea of getting fillings strikes fear in the hearts ofmany people. But it’s nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of—sometimes, evenpeople with the best dental habits need fillings, due to cavities or dentaltrauma. We’ll take a look at what to expect when fillings are neededto alleviate some of that anxiety: Why Fillings Are

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Understand All About Dental Crowns | Cottonwood Dental

Same-day crowns are one of the restorative dental services that we’re proud to offer! But do you know what this procedure involves, or if it’s right for you? Let’s get into the nitty gritty of porcelain crowns: What Are Dental Crowns? A dental crown is simply a cap that is placed over a damaged tooth or implant post to

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