At Cottonwood Dental Group, we aim to not only provide excellent, comprehensive dental services, but also to educate our patients about proper dental care. We want to help you by giving you the information that you need to maintain the health and beauty of your teeth. Read our blog posts today.

Proper Flossing

Fantastic Flossing | Cottonwood Dental

You’ve probably had it drilled into you that it’s important to brush twice a day. But are you keeping up with the recommended daily flossing? Flossing Is Important, Too! It’s easy to remember to brush your teeth since everyone can see the front surfaces of your teeth. But when it comes to flossing, it’s often

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Tooth-Healthy Foods

Tooth-Healthy Foods The saying goes “you are what you eat.” What we consume has such a huge impact on our bodies and our health. So it should go without saying that whatever you munch on is going to have a really big impact on your mouth and your teeth! Let’s take a look at some

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What You Need To Know About Sedation Dentistry

No one likes to feel pain or anxiety when visiting the dentist. That’s why our office is proud to offer sedation dentistry options for patients with extensive dental needs, who are concerned about anxiety, who have difficulty getting numb or who have sensitive teeth! First, let’s define sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is the use of medication

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Proper Brushing Technique- Cottonwood Dental Group

If you brush your teeth twice a day, you’re already doing better than one in five Americans who admit to brushing less than the recommended amount! But optimal brushing is about more than just sticking a toothbrush in your mouth twice a day. Recommended Brushing Habits The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice each day in two-minute

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