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At Cottonwood Dental Group, we aim to not only provide excellent, comprehensive dental services, but also to educate our patients about proper dental care. We want to help you by giving you the information that you need to maintain the health and beauty of your teeth. Read our blog posts today.

How do you benefit from regularly scheduled dental treatment?

What are some reasons not to delay regularly scheduled dental treatment? When it comes to dental diseases such as cavities, periodontal disease, or tooth abscess, time is of the utmost importance. What may start as a simple filling or a small dental procedure can turn into a more extensive surgery and more costly treatment if

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What Are Clear Tray Orthodontics & Do You Need Them?

Most of us are familiar with braces, those metal devices you often see on the teeth of preteens and teens. But do you really understand what those braces are for?Braces are part of a field of dentistry called “orthodontia,” and technically braces and other devices like retainers are what’s known as “orthodontics.” These devices are used

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TMJ: Jaw Joint Facts, Disorders, and Treatment Options

Our Highlands Ranch Dental Office can help diagnose and treat discomfort associated with the jaw joint referred to as the “TMJ.” What is the TMJ? The Temporomandibular Joint, commonly referred to as TMJ, is a complex joint that connects the jawbone to the skull. This is the only joint in the body that depends on

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4 Tips for Dealing with Dry Mouth

Everyone experiences a dry mouth occasionally, but when it is occurring persistently, it can be a sign of a more serious issue.Read on as our Cottonwood Dental team looks at what dry mouth is—and tips for dealing with dry mouth effects. What Is Dry Mouth? It is just what it sounds like! Dry mouth is the feeling

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Why Is It So Important That Your Dentist Takes Your Blood Pressure?

Many of you have noticed that we are not your average dentist. Our Highlands Ranch dental team goes above and beyond the average dental office. Why? Because we believe that you deserve the best dental and health care available. This is why we provide the latest products, techniques, services, and why are Highlands Ranch Dentists

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What Older Adults Should Know About Oral Health

As we get older, many things change—and that is especially true when it comes to our health and wellness. Aging may bring diminished mobility, balance difficulties, and other health issues. It also brings a unique set of challenges to our oral health. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy and strong as you age requires a special

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