Remove Anxiety About Dental Treatment With Sedation Dentistry!
Remove Anxiety About Dental Treatment with Sedation Dentistry! 1

Reliable Sedation Dentistry In Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Committed to Help Patients Achieve Sound Dental Health

A visit to a dentist literally scares many people, irrespective of their age and gender. Surprisingly, nearly 75% of adult Americans have reported some type of dental fear.
It is when this fear transforms into a phobia that our calm and relaxing sedation dentistry services in Highlands Ranch, CO, can be just what you need. Don’t put off vital dental care just because of your anxiety.
Sedation dentistry is an excellent treatment for patients with extensive dental needs, or who are concerned about anxiety, difficulty getting numb, or sensitive teeth. At Cottonwood Dental Group, you don’t have to worry about pain and discomfort because our expert dentists can use sedation for the patients before starting their dental treatment.

Our Sedation Dentistry Services Include

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide) is used to relax patients while they are treated. Patients are conscious while inhaling this gas, but it wears off quickly as soon as you stop breathing it in. It doesn’t impair any other bodily functions. Patients can drive themselves home after the treatment. It is simple, quick, mild, and effective.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation or conscious sedation is prescribed to the patient before the dental procedure. The amount of dose usually depends on the type of treatment. You will be awake and relaxed during the procedure. Our sedation dentistry services in Highlands Ranch, CO, is suitable for patients who suffer from some sort of dental phobia. A driver is required.

IV Sedation

A dental specialist uses an IV and medications to give you twilight, an experience when conscious but unaware of surroundings. The dentist can wake you up if needed and you still breathe, communication is on your own.

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Check out what our valued patients have to say about our Sedation Dentistry practices in our reviews section.

Cottonwood Dental Group’- The Trusted Cosmetic and Family Dental Practice Happily Serving Colorado Since 1982

Millions of people avoid critical dental care due to fear, anxiety, or other medical problems. With time, these minor issues develop into complex dental problems which can also be costly. At Cottonwood Dental Group, we are committed to assist and manage your fear with a wide variety of dental sedation options. We have helped thousands of people in Highlands Ranch with a range of sedation dentistry options that are custom to their needs. You will be completely relaxed and receive a healthy beautiful smile.

At Cottonwood Dental, you can trust us with providing you a healthy, beautiful in a relaxing, and calm environment.

How Do We Go About Dental Services?

If you live in or around the Highlands Ranch area and are considering a visit to a well-established and reputable sedation dentist, call us at 303-694-9740 to schedule your appointment.

At Cottonwood Dental Group, we take time to understand our patients’ concerns before recommending the most suitable sedative dentist treatment. Each recommendation is customized to your individual needs and desires.

We will also need to know if you have any current health conditions, risks, or allergies to anything. If you have questions, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you. Our goal is not just to treat our patients in the most effective way possible, but also to inform and educate them about general dental care for themselves or their family.

We have confidence in our modern dental technologies and skills and experience of our family dentists in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

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