Benefit From Replacing Damaged Teeth! Learn Why Dental Implants!
damaged teth repaired with dental implants


Top Quality Dental Implants In Highlands Ranch, Colorado

A missing tooth or teeth can be very embarrassing. Aside from making you self-conscious about the way you look, this condition causes uneven biting that leaves a negative impact on your overall health.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth or want to replace your dentures, dental implants are indeed an effective option. At Cottonwood Dental Group, we offer custom dental implants in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Dental Implants replace teeth, improve chewing ability, and eliminate the use of bridges, partials, and even traditional dentures.

Denture wearers can replace their removable dentures with a permanent prosthetic through implants.

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Dental Implants – All You Need to Know

Dental Implants are made of a titanium screw placed in the jaw bone to act as the root of the tooth. They are restored with a custom abutment which is a post-type structure that goes between the implants and crown. Finally, a custom and natural-looking crown is placed on top. Dental Implants are a popular and effective long-term solution to restore one or more missing teeth.

Dental Implants fit, look, and feel like natural teeth, which has made them the gold standard in tooth replacement. The difference between a natural root and dental implant is that the latter is made of titanium – a proven material trusted by surgeons for decades for artificial joints.

Dental implants have three parts:

  1. The implant
  2. The Abutment
  3. The Crown

Our experienced and highly qualified dental professionals first replace the root with a custom dental implant that is custom planned through technology prior to placement. With time, the bone around the implant grows and heals to create a sturdy foundation for the replacement tooth. The abutment is then placed atop the implant, and a new replacement tooth is placed on the top of the abutment.

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What Are The Benefits of Dental Implants?

Look & Function Very Similar to Natural Teeth

Permanent Solution – With proper care and placement, they can last for a lifetime. Traditional methods, like dental bridges, have a shorter lifespan.

Ease of eating, speaking, oral health – Dental Implants allow you to easily eat your favorite food items without worrying about their falling or slipping. Maintenance is easy too! You can brush and floss them, just like the rest of your teeth.

Maintain your natural facial aesthetics – Loss of teeth can make your face appear shrunken or sagging due to progressive bone loss. However, dental implants will help to maintain the amount of bone in your jaw, allowing patient’s natural facial aesthetics as they function like real teeth.

Prevents Jaw Bone Deterioration – Dental implants keep the rest of your teeth from shifting and prevents deterioration of the jaw bone, which happens when the patient loses teeth.

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