Concerned About Your Oral Health & Overall Health: What’s the Connection?

October 3, 2019
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Oral health

You may never have thought about it, but did you know that your oral health and your overall health are intricately connected? It’s true—the health of your teeth and gums plays a big role in how healthy you are overall.

Why is that, you might wonder? Well, the mouth contains many kinds of bacteria, some of which are tied to oral health conditions like tooth decay and periodontal disease. But other kinds of bacteria found in the mouth have also been linked with health issues in other parts of the body, including the heart.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the issue.

Making the Connection Between Your Oral Health and Overall Health

So, your oral health impacts your overall health. But your oral health can also be considered a “window” into how healthy you are overall.

That’s because a dentist may spot signs of medical issues that wouldn’t be spotted in a normal medical checkup. During a regular dental checkup, your dentist may see signs of a nutritional deficiency, an infection or even a chronic health condition like diabetes.

For example, those who have diabetes but haven’t been diagnosed may show signs of serious gum issues, since high blood sugar can destroy gum tissue over time.

Beyond that, those who experience oral health issues are often at an increased risk of other health issues. Gum disease is linked with a higher risk of arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, heart attack and stroke, likely because all involve inflammation within the body.

Protecting Your Oral & Overall Health

So, what’s your best defense against potential health issues? Follow healthy dental health habits.

Brush your teeth twice daily using a fluoridated toothpaste, floss your teeth daily, have regular checkups with a dental professional, eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. All of these are habits that are conducive for both your overall health and the health of your teeth and gums.

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