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Fantastic Flossing….Optimize Your Oral Health With The benefits of Flossing!

Fantastic Flossing….Optimize Your Oral Health With The benefits of Flossing!

You’ve probably had it drilled into you that it’s important to brush twice a day. But are you keeping up with the recommended daily flossing?

Flossing Is Important, Too!

It’s easy to remember to brush your teeth since everyone can see the front surfaces of your teeth. But when it comes to flossing, it’s often out of sight and out of mind.

You might grab some floss when you see or feel food stuck between the teeth. But the fact is, even when you can’t see or feel anything, there are plaque-building particles lurking between the teeth.

When you skip flossing, you miss about 40% of your tooth surfaces!

Flossing to clean these often-missed surfaces is essential for getting rid of all the bacteria in your mouth. This helps to stop cavities and tooth decay prevents yellow stains caused by plaque and reduces bad breath!

Fantastic Flossing Technique

Understanding the importance of flossing is only the first part. The next is to do it!

If you haven’t been flossing regularly, however, you might need to brush up on proper flossing technique. Let’s take a look at the five essential steps of proper flossing:

  1. Start by lightly winding about 18 inches of dental floss around your left middle finger. Extend a short length of floss that can be held between your thumbs and pointer fingers, and wind a tiny amount around your right middle finger before cutting or breaking off the floss from its container.
  2. Hold your short length of floss firmly between your thumbs and index finger to start with. You’ll be guiding the floss with your thumbs and new floss from your left middle finger, and winding used floss onto your right middle finger.
  3. Starting with your front teeth, use your thumbs to carefully guide the floss between your teeth. Use a slow and gentle rubbing motion, and avoid digging the floss into your gums.
  4. Curve your floss around each tooth and gently slide it into the space between the gums and each tooth.
  5. Gently rub the side of each tooth, moving the floss away from the gums.

Repeat these five steps with each of your teeth!

Make flossing into a daily habit by designating a time to do it each day. For optimal results, floss after your last meal of the day, but before brushing your teeth before bed.

Have additional questions about flossing? Feel free to ask one of our Cottonwood Dental Group dentists! Call (720) 594-5049 or visit our website to contact us today!

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