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Why Is It So Important That Your Dentist Takes Your Blood Pressure?

Many of you have noticed that we are not your average dentist. Our Highlands Ranch dental team goes above and beyond the average dental office. Why? Because we believe that you deserve the best dental and health care available. This is why we provide the latest products, techniques, services, and why are Highlands Ranch Dentists are passionate about continuing education. 

So, you may have noticed that our hygienist, Ann, spends a few extra minutes to take your blood pressure while she reviews your medical history and current medications. There are several reasons we have implemented this into your visit.

Why your dentist takes your blood pressure

For starters, this simple screening test can open the conversation about your health. Did you know those who suffer from high blood pressure are more likely to suffer from Sleep Apnea as well? It is also true that most people visit the dentist more often than their primary care physician. This quick, simple screening test can help warrant an open communication that further examination and follow up care is recommended.

Second, some dental treatments are performed with the assistance of local anesthetic. Most local anesthetics are injected into tissues where major and minor blood vessels and nerves are located. Anesthetics can also contain epinephrine, those who are suffering from extreme high blood pressure can have serious medical consequences if local anesthetic is injection into their system. We strongly believe in screening and prevention to keep you safe and healthy.

We know you have noticed that we are not your average every day dentist. We go above and beyond for you and your health because you deserve it! 

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