The Best And Worst Candy For Your Teeth On Halloween

The Best and Worst Candy for Your Teeth on Halloween

The Best and Worst Candy for Your Teeth on Halloween

Happy Halloween Highlands Ranch! Our Highlands Ranch dental office wants you to have a spooktacular night! When you sort through your candy our Highlands Ranch dentist, Dr. Parsons would like you to keep a few things in mind for your teeth health!

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to Halloween candy and your teeth.

The Worst Candies: Taffies, caramel candies, coconut, or nut candies are considered to be the worst. While delicious, these sweet treats stick to the grooves of your teeth and are hard to remove (even after brushing). The longer the food sticks to your teeth, the longer the cavity-causing bacteria can feed off it, releasing acid and helping the bacteria multiply and eat away at your teeth.

The Second Worst Candies: Hard candies such as jawbreakers, lollipops, and candy canes can be just as bad for your teeth. These types of candies take a long time to dissolve. They may not stick to your teeth, but the amount of time it takes to eat these candies causes a constant attack of acid and sugar to your teeth making them much more susceptible to cavity-causing bacteria.

Pretty Bad Candies: Sour candy-like lemon heads, sour patch kids, and sour gummies have a high acidic content. The acid creates an environment in your mouth that cavity-causing bacteria can multiply, making you more vulnerable to cavities.

Not So bad: Chocolate candies (thank goodness), with no sticky fillings, are generally a better choice when it comes to candies. These candies will not stick to your teeth and only cause a moderate increase in the amount of acid in your mouth. Craving something sweet, chocolate can be a better choice.

Best Options: Sugar-free gums and candies are your best option. These treats are made with xylitol – a natural sugar that bacteria are unable to form plaque on, protecting your teeth. Sugar-free candies will also promote an increase in your saliva gland function, a protective mechanism to wash away harmful bacteria and acids.

Our Highlands Ranch Dental office hopes you do have a spooktacular Halloween! Make sure to take of your teeth by choosing better candy options.

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