Innovative Clear Tray Orthodontics

September 3, 2020
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Most of us are familiar with braces, those metal devices you often see on the teeth of preteens and teens. But do you really understand what those braces are for?Braces are part of a field of dentistry called “orthodontia,” and technically braces and other devices like retainers are what’s known as “orthodontics.”

These devices are used to prevent, diagnose and treat dental and facial irregularities. In short orthodontics helps to realign teeth in a way that allows for normal facial development and jaw growth. While this often has aesthetic purposes, that is not always the case. In some instances, teeth may be so far out of alignment that they are causing some sort of difficulty with eating or some other basic activity.

Could I Benefit from Orthodontics?

Your dentist would be the best judge of that. He or she can carefully analyze the look of your teeth, as well as X-ray images that show their placement.
If you are experiencing some type of misalignment, also known as a malocclusion, orthodontics may be your best option to help alleviate the issue and get your teeth into their proper place.

Are Braces My Only Option Or Can I Consider Clear Tray Orthodontics?

What you think of as braces—those shiny, metal brackets on teeth—are not the only option. If you need orthodontic care and want something that is less obvious, we offer what is known as “clear tray orthodontics.”
Clear tray orthodontics serve the same purpose as braces but are less obtrusive. Unlike metal braces, these clear aligners can also be removed as needed.
Clear aligners are made of almost invisible, polyurethane plastic. They use gradual force to control tooth movement without using metal wires or brackets.

As your smile improves and teeth move into place, you will progress from one set of aligners to another until correction is complete.
Because you can remove the clear aligners when eating and to brush your teeth, you are much less likely to get something stuck in them. Since they do not have metal brackets or wires, they are also more comfortable and less likely to irritate your gums or teeth.

Want to learn more about clear aligners and whether you can benefit? Give us a call today!