Tooth Healthy Foods

August 1, 2019
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Tooth-Healthy Foods

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The saying goes you are what you eat. What we consume has such a huge impact on our bodies and our health.

So it should go without saying that whatever you munch on is going to have a really big impact on your mouth and your teeth! Let’s take a look at some foods that you can eat that promote good oral health.

Get Plenty of Calcium

Calcium is great for your bones and your teeth, so having a diet that’s rich in calcium is going to do your dental health a lot of good.

Are you vegan, lactose intolerant or have a diet that otherwise restricts dairy? There are plenty of non-dairy, calcium-rich foods that will let you get your daily dose of this vital mineral.

Avoid Sugary & Acidic Foods

Any dental expert will caution you to consume sugary soft drinks and candy in moderation because these sticky sugars and acids can be damaging to your teeth’s enamel. Some fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits and tomatoes are also acidic and sugary.

Fruits and vegetables are very good for your health and provide vital nutrients! Just enjoy your sugary and acidic favorites only a few times a week instead of daily, and make sure to brush and rinse after you eat these foods.

Go for Crunchy Foods

Looking for a tooth-healthy snack? Reach for something crunchy like an apple, a carrot or some almonds!

Chewing on something crunchy helps to clear some plaque and bacteria off your teeth for a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. But remember, it’s no substitute for regular brushing and flossing!

Stick With the 5 Food Groups

A diet that’s healthy for your body is also going to be healthy for your teeth. Drink plenty of water and try eating a variety of healthy whole grains, veggies, lean proteins, low-fat dairy and fruits.

Having a balanced diet and limiting the number of sticky and sugary snacks that you take in will have a great impact on your dental health. And when you do reach for the occasional sweet treat, make sure that you rinse and brush after!

Eating well is only one of many things that you can do to take great care of your teeth. Here at Cottonwood Dental Group, we provide routine care and expert advice for keeping your dental health at its best. Visit our website to learn more and schedule your appointment!