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The Development of Dentures | Cottonwood Dental

Sometimes partial or full dentures are needed to replace teeth that are missing due to extractions, trauma or tooth decay. But why are dentures preferable to missing teeth?

Let’s take a closer look at the function of dentures and how they’re made:

How Dentures Work

Dentures are dental prosthetics that are worn to replace missing teeth. They’re available as full dentures, which replace all of the natural teeth in the upper or lower jaw, and as partial dentures, which fill in spaces left by one or a few missing teeth.

Full dentures are designed to fit securely over the gums and provide a brand-new set of teeth! They restore the ability to comfortably chew food and speak clearly, and also restore a beautiful smile that patients can show off with confidence.

Partial dentures can rely on support from the surrounding teeth. They’re an essential alternative to living with missing teeth as they allow patients to have a complete smile and, more importantly, avoid shifting in the natural teeth and jaw.

How Dentures Are Made

Dentures are made over a couple of appointments.

Once it’s determined that dentures are needed, the dentist will make an impression of the patient’s gums or remaining natural teeth so that dentures with the perfect fit can be made. This impression is used to make a cast to create the dentures.

While the cast is being prepared, the patient will try on various sets of temporary dentures in order to determine what size and color the new prosthetic teeth will be.

The cast and the decided specifications are sent to a lab, where teeth made from acrylic resin are set into a set of wax gums. These are sent to the dentist, and then another appointment is made to check the look and feel of the dentures.

Once the dentures are approved by the dentist and patient, they’re returned to the lab, where the wax gums are replaced with more realistic acrylic and the dentures are polished and ready for the patient!

Cosmetic dentures are one of the many services that we offer at Cottonwood Dental Group! Visitu our website to learn more about what we can do to give our patients their best smile or contact us today!

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