Our Highlands Ranch Dental Office Continues To Invest In Your Health With The CariVu Detector

January 20, 2022
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Our Highlands Ranch Dentist, Dr. Parsons, believes in providing you with the latest products, techniques, and services. Continuing with this philosophy, our Highlands Ranch Dental Practice has invested in CariVu caries detection system.

What is the CariVu caries detection system?

This intraoral camera transilluminates (or light) tooth structure without the use of radiation. Through this process of transillumination, our Highland Ranch Dentist can visualize caries or cavities at a much earlier stage. Previously our doctors diagnosed caries through radiographic, clinical examination,  and evaluation of your mouth. Through the use of the CariVu camera along with our dentist’s examination, x-ray interpretation, and evaluation, cavities can be detected much earlier allowing our Highlands Ranch Dentist to restore your smile in a minimally invasive manner.

How is this a benefit to our Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Parker and Castle Pines patients?

Because bacteria and cavity lesions can be detected much earlier, our dentist remove less tooth structure and preserve more of your natural tooth. The CariVu allows our Highlands Ranch Dentist to visualize the exact location of the cavity as well as the size and depth of the cavity.

Do I still need to have x-rays periodically at my dental appointments?

YES! Dental radiographs help diagnose infections of your tooth, the quality of bone around your teeth,  periodontal disease, as well as the surrounding structures of the teeth. The x-rays or radiographs will also aid in the diagnosis of cavities or caries present in your mouth. This is still the standard of care set forth by the American Dental Association.

We are proud that our doctor continues to invest in your health by staying on top of technology and education.
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