Is What You’re Eating Staining Your Teeth?

June 24, 2020
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White teeth are the goal. Those sparkly pearly whites are often seen as the epitome of a perfect smile. These days, there are all sorts of products on the market designed to help you get that white smile.

But one thing to consider: Is what you’re eating staining your teeth in the first place? If so, changing up your eating habits is an important step in getting your teeth whiter…and keeping them that way. After all, if you keep whitening your teeth and they keep getting stained again, that defeats the purpose, right?

Let’s take a look at some foods that could be staining your smile:

Coffee & Tea

Yes, your morning cup of Joe could be a tooth-staining culprit! The dark color of coffee permeates the top layer of your teeth, while the tannins in tea are also a common source of stains.

Pasta Sauce

You probably never thought about this one! The tomatoes in a pasta sauce have a trifecta of stain-causing properties—they contain acid, they are bright red and they tend to cling to teeth. This can cause the color to sink into the enamel, leaving a stain.


If you have ever dropped a bit of curry on your clothing, you are probably aware of its propensity to stain things. The deep yellow hue of curry can stain your teeth the same way.

Popsicles or Lollipops

Yes, that sweet treat that turns your mouth and lips blue or green as you eat it can also stain your teeth. Choose a light-colored treat, like lemon flavor, which will be less likely to leave a stain behind.


These sweet fruits are packed with healthy antioxidants, but they also contain extraordinarily strong colors in their skin. Those colors, combined with the natural acidity found in fruit, can lead to stains on your teeth.

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