Face and Body – Sunscreen – Check. Don’t Forget About Your Lips!

June 16, 2021
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Most years we get over 300 days of sunshine here in Colorado! Although there is no shortage of Vitamin D in the Mile High City, all this sunshine can make us more susceptible to skin cancers. June is Cancer from Sun Awareness Month, and we want to make sure you are protecting yourself!

One area that most people often forget to protect is their lips! It is estimated that approximately 3,500 skin cancers of the lips are diagnosed each year. Most commonly the lower lip is more susceptible due to its exposure to the sun. We are all aware of how to protect ourselves against skin cancers but most of us are unaware that the lips are just as susceptible.

How can you protect your lips?

  1. Make sure you apply lip balm containing sunscreen and apply at least 5-6 x day. (Great News! Our Cottonwood Dental Group house Chapstick contains SPF 15)
  2. Wear a hat on sunny days.
  3. Find shade. While being in the sun is needed for adequate Vitamin D, don’t overdo it! Too much of a good thing isn’t always the best idea.
  4. Make sure to see your Highlands Ranch Dentist at Cottonwood Dental Group for your biannual checkup which includes an oral cancer examination. Additional VELscope examination may be recommended.

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