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Dr. Parsons at our Highlands Ranch dental office

Dr. Sarah Parsons earned her dental degree from the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. Each year, she continues her education by participating in postdoctoral studies that focus on the latest clinical, cosmetic, and family dentistry techniques. Her goal is to provide the best care while making you and your family more comfortable than you ever thought possible. Dr. Parsons hopes you will soon set an appointment so they can provide you with professional and compassionate dental care.

Top Dentist-Cottonwood Dental group and Dr. Sarah Parsons


As a patient at Cottonwood Dental Group, we treat you like family. We forge a relationship with you and get to know your dental goals. Our office prides ourselves on providing individualized and custom dental care in a one on one setting. Our doctor and hygienist reserve time to see just you. Our licensed professionals do not chair hop or see multiple patients at a time. We know your time is valuable and WE VALUE YOU. All of our treatment rendered in our office, is provided by a licensed profession. From cleanings, to fillings, crowns, and esthetic treatments you will see a licensed professional every time for the full duration of your appointment.

We take the worst part about dental care and cut it out. Dental Insurance. Did you know that the dental insurance industry makes more money the more confusing they make their policies? Each insurance company provides thousands of different types of policies. Making it hard for both you as the patient and dental offices to really find out what they will pay for and how much. Reimbursement maximums have not changed since the 1950’s with increasing amounts of waiting periods, exclusions, and denials. Most “insurance” plans will pay a maximum of $1,000-$1,500 per year. This leads almost no money paid towards any dental treatment that is necessary with deductibles and copays due for any preventive and other treatment.

We have eliminated restrictive dental insurance in our office. But cutting out the expensive middleman of insurance, Dr. Parsons and the Cottonwood Team can provide longer visit times, direct access to our office via phone, text, email or in office. Our team is still able to file any claim with dental insurance and they will still pay portions of your visit, just like they have before. Dr. Parsons and our team are not limited to treating you only to what insurance will pay. We are able to go above and beyond and get to your dental goals, provide you will optimal treatment and prevention all in an atmosphere that is relaxing, comforting, and personal.

Many of our patients are looking for other options to break free of the confines of dental insurance. Our office is proud to offer our in-house membership program. This month fee covers all the face-to-face reservations you have with our office for the year. It includes:

  • Professional Dental cleanings (depending on your periodontal health- includes 2-4 cleanings a year)
  • Doctors and hygienist in depth examinations (1-2 per year)
  • Needed radiographs
  • Emergency examinations
  • 15% off of any dental treatment necessary
  • 10% off at our preferred specialty offices

Want to learn more or ready to sign up? Click the link below to take you directly to our in office membership program or call a team member at 303-694-9740. We can’t wait to help you smile.



Patient care and customer service is our number one priority. Dr. Parsons and our dental team treat you like family. We empower you to strive for the dental health and esthetics that you desire and deserve. Our team will always work with you to achieve your dental goals and desires.


Cottonwood Dental Group and Dr. Parsons, believe that you will receive the greatest value for the work you receive in a comfort and personal setting. Our team knows that when you are in our office anyone can look you in the eye and know that you receive a great value for the care, dedication, training and products you receive. Ranging from routine cleanings to cosmetic services such as SMILE makeovers, we want our patients to SMILE bright when they choose us.


Dr. Parsons and the Cottonwood Team are passionate about advance education and training. Our team understands that dentistry is an ever changing field with advancing techniques and technology. Dr. Parsons prides herself on taking hundreds of hours of continuing education each year. She believes in providing her patients with the most advance technology dentistry has to offer.


We cannot wait for you to meet our dental family!

Leslie the receptionist is wonderfully helpful. Ann the hygienist is amazing!! And Dr Sarah, top notch. Everyone is friendly, the office is clean and up to date. AND, they have the best snacks in the waiting room! 🙂

 Jennifer R.

Dr. Parsons is always patient and gentle. She always checks in to see how I am doing. Professional and friendly service. Never have to wait. I am in and out in the time that they schedule.

 Gayle R.

Additional New Patient Specials (Valid through May 15, 2023)

NEED TEETH CLEANING?…. Ask about our NEW PATIENT DENTAL CLEANING for Just $55 (call 303- 694-9740 for details)


HAVE CHILDREN THAT NEED A NEW DENTIST?… Schedule a NEW CHILDREN PATIENT EXAM AND CLEANING For Just $99 (call 303-694-9740 for details)


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