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Dental Fillings
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Even if you brush and floss and keep up with regular dental cleanings, it's still possible that you could experience cavities and other forms of tooth decay. Of course, tooth decay is not something that anyone wants to experience, but the good news is that there are quick and easy ways to fix tooth decay issues, one of which is dental fillings. 

As is true regarding any kind of damage or decay, the earlier you or your dentist discover cavities in your teeth, the better. When you catch tooth decay early, you can avoid the need for complicated procedures that require more time and money than anyone wants to spend at the dentist. Instead, a simple dental filling at Cottonwood Dental Group can restore your teeth to full health.

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Types of Dental Fillings

After learning that you need a filling, the next step is to decide which type of filling is right for you. At Cottonwood Dental Group, we offer three main types of fillings: composite resin, silver amalgam, and porcelain. 

When you need fillings for the teeth at the back of your mouth that are not readily visible when you smile, a composite or silver filling is often the best solution. However, if you need a filling in a part of your mouth that is more visible, a porcelain filling is typically the best way to match your natural tooth color. Still, regardless of the filling you receive, you can rest assured that we will customize its fit to perfectly fit your mouth.

teeth whitening dental check-up

How Does the Dental Filling Process Work?

The process of receiving a dental filling from Cottonwood Dental Group is a simple one. It all begins when you experience a cavity, minor fracture, or other damage and decay to one of your teeth. 

When you arrive at our office for a filling, we'll begin by cleaning out your damaged tooth by removing all of the decayed tooth material. We'll then thoroughly clean that space to prepare it for the filling material. 

The final step is to fill the space with the filling of your choice. Once filled, your formerly decaying tooth will be safe from infection and return to its normal functionality. 

The length of time required for you to receive a dental filling will vary depending on how severe your tooth decay is. Don’t hesitate to book with Cottonwood Dental today. You can feel relieved to know in advance that most dental fillings are entirely painless thanks to the local anesthesia we use to numb your mouth during the process.

Are You in Need of a Dental Filling?

Dental fillings provide many benefits for those experiencing tooth decay. Not only will fillings restore the normal function of your teeth quickly, but they will also help to reduce future decay while also preventing harmful bacteria from entering your tooth. 

Dental fillings can also be incredibly long-lasting and work so well that you likely won't even notice that they are there while you continue to enjoy your favorite foods for years to come. So, if you are experiencing tooth decay that can be quickly resolved with a dental filling, contact us at Cottonwood Dental Group today!

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