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Perfecting Your Oral Care Routine

Your oral care plays a significant role in your overall health. Certain oral conditions can cause health problems, including pneumonia, endocarditis and pregnancy complications. It is important to have an oral care routine that is performed daily, for maximum well-being. The Perfect Oral Care Routine Brush Experts recommend brushing your teeth for a minimum of two minutes, …

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All About Tooth Enamel

A tooth is made up of three layers: Enamel, Dentin, and Pulp. Tooth enamel is the thin outer layer of the tooth. Enamel is considered the hardest structure in the mouth and even harder than bones. It is usually translucent and can easily be stained by things like red wine, tea, and coffee. The body …

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Do You Need a Dental Crown?

You do your best to protect the health of your teeth at all times. You brush, you floss and you visit your dentist every six months like clockwork. Unfortunately, accidents and mishaps can happen—and you might one day hear the word “crown” from the dentist. If you do, have no fear! Our trusted and knowledgeable team …

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Celebrate National Smile Month

May 16 marks the start of National Smile Month! This month runs from mid-May until June 16 and is designed to raise awareness about the importance of having good oral health and a healthy smile. In recognition of the month, our team at Cottonwood Dental wants to share some tips about good oral hygiene habits …

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Our Highlands Ranch Dental Office Continues To Invest In Your Health With The CariVu Detector

Our Highlands Ranch Dentist, Dr. Parsons, believes in providing you with the latest products, techniques, and services. Continuing with this philosophy, our Highlands Ranch Dental Practice has invested in CariVu caries detection system. What is the CariVu caries detection system? This intraoral camera transilluminates (or light) tooth structure without the use of radiation. Through this …

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