Why You Should Choose Dental Implants? Our Highlands Ranch Dentist Explain…

Many people have lost a tooth or multiple teeth due to a variety of dental reasons. You maybe weighing your options between Dental Implants, Dental Bridge, or a Removable Dental Partial. Dental Implants are considered the standard of care and what is recommended to replace a single or multiple missing teeth are here are the reasons.

1. Aesthetics: Dental implants look and feel most like natural teeth. In fact, most people cannot tell by looking that you have a dental implant. Dental Implants prevent the bone from melting or resorbing away. This common occurrence happens after a tooth is extracted. A dental implant will help preserve the bone and prevent a sunken or deficient appearance.

2. Comfort: Because dental implants are a permanent and long term restoration, you don’t need to worry about them dislodging, moving, or shifting. Dental implants allow you to function normally in your everyday life. You can speak, eat, and smile as you would normally with your natural teeth. Dental implants are custom placed and restored specific to your smile so they are comfortable to you.
3. Strength: A Dental Implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the jaw bone where a tooth is missing. The bone then adheres to the implant over a several month period, making it a stable part of your jaw. This process makes them strong and stable and a long term restoration. Dental Implants are the best choice for stability, reliability, and long term success when thinking about replacing a missing tooth/teeth.

4. Care: It is of the utmost importance to maintain regular visits to your dentist. Many people think that going to the dentist can be expensive, but neglect and long periods of time between visits end up costing you more. After a dental implant is placed, your dentist will schedule you for periodic recall visits to check your implant to make sure it’s healing properly. After your implant is restored, your dentist will recommend you follow up with your regular recall visits. You will care for your implant in the same manner as your natural teeth. Proper brushing, flossing, and waterpiking are important maintenance for a dental implant to keep your bone and tissue around the implant healthy. Although dental implants are not susceptible to cavities, you can still develop bone loss and gum disease which may cause the implant to fail.

5. Neighboring teeth: In dental bridge, neighboring teeth to a missing tooth are prepared for crowns and a “fake” or pontic tooth, as it is referred to, will replace the missing tooth. This creates a situation in which 3 teeth are used to solve a single tooth problem. Long term bridges can decay, fracture, and loosen. A dental implant is different in that it simply fills in the space that is left after a tooth is extracted. Neighboring teeth are left alone so the dental implants have no impact on them.

Highlands Ranch Dentist
Dental Implants are the gold standard of care to replace a missing tooth for many reasons. Want to know more about dental implants? Contact our Highlands Ranch dental office at 303-694-9740 today and schedule a consultation with Dr. DeLapp or Dr. Parsons. Our family has been handcrafting smiles in the Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Castle Pines, and Parker area since 1982.

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