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During your last visit to our Highlands Ranch Dental office, Dr. Parsons or Dr. DeLapp may found a cavity that needed to be restored. Or maybe you have a tooth with a fracture  or crack. Our Highlands Ranch Dentist probably reviewed the many options you as a patients have to fix a cavity or broken tooth.

If a simple dental filling or restoration is recommended, your tooth may be restored with a white dental filling material also known as composite filling. This type of dental filling consists of resin material that hardens or cures when light is applied to it. Traditional dental fillings were made of amalgam (meaning a variety of metal materials) also know as silver metal fillings. However, today’s white or composite dental fillings have many advantages to silver or amalgam restorations.

Amalgam or Silver fillings require the dentist to remove a definitive amount of tooth structure in order to support the material. This meant that even after the cavity was removed, in order for the amalgam restoration to stay, the dentist potentially would have to remove more tooth structure to accommodate the criteria of the silver restoration.  This restoration is wedged in to place by the pressure placed during placement potentially placing additional forces on the tooth.  Over time this material “can” cause cracks and fractures of the tooth, this is mainly caused by the differences in strength between a tooth and silver filling.

Bonding of White Dental fillings

So what are the advantages of choosing a white or composite filling material as opposed to a traditional silver/amalgam filling. First of all, white dental fillings allow for our Lone Tree Dental Office  to only remove just the cavity (the infected tooth structure), keeping more of your natural tooth structure. This saving more of your natural tooth structure is also termed “tooth banking. Next, this material is adhered to your tooth through a process known as dental bonding in which the surface of your tooth is treated and a bonding material is placed so that the white or composite filling is sealed. Another advantage is the esthetics of white or composite dental fillings. These fillings can match and mimic your tooth appearance. Most people will not be able to tell a dental restoration has been placed. Finally, long term studies have shown a great reduction in fracturing of adjacent tooth structure as compared to it’s silver or amalgam counterparts.

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If you are interested in having your broken silver dental fillings replaced with a white dental filling material please feel free to contact our Highlands Ranch Dental office at 303-694-9740 and speak with one of our team members.

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