What do you mean Dentures AREN’T the solution… our Highlands Ranch Dentists explain

Most of us can remember our Grandparents or even our own parents having dentures. At night they would take their teeth out and put it in a nice glass jar next to the bed. You can also picture their faces without their “teeth” in. The sagging cheeks and sunk in faces and lips. This was an unfortunate only options for teeth replacement in years past. With advancement in the dental field with technology and materials we think no one should ever have to wear traditional dentures again!

What’s the big deal?

While you make not think it’s a big deal, here are some problems our Highlands Ranch Dentists think you should be cautious of when thinking traditional dentures are the ultimate solution for you.

Did you know that most denture users are unhappy with their traditional denture? About 30% of our taste and enjoyment of food comes from our palate. With traditional dentures, the palate is covered and renders those taste buds useless. Patients typically note that their overall food satisfaction dramatically decreases after wearing dentures.

My Lower denture doesn’t fit! Did you know that traditional dentures rely on the bone structure and muscle tone for their fit? After the teeth are removed, over time the bone of the jaw begins to “melt” or atropy away as well as overall muscle tone and strength, thus traditional dentures do not fit as well over time.

What can be done?

If you already have traditional dentures and want an increase in overall function and love your teeth again, call our Highlands Ranch Dental office and speak with one of our outstanding team members on how Dr. DeLapp or Dr. Parsons can help.

Have you heard about dental implants?

Implants are titanium screws that can be placed in your bone to help retain your dentures or missing teeth. They function and feel most like natural teeth. Patients with implants have a dramatic increase in overall ability to function most like natural teeth. Whether needing a single implant or multiple implants our Highlands Ranch dental team can help!

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What is right for me?

Call our Highlands Ranch dental office ASAP and schedule a consultation with Dr. DeLapp or Dr. Parsons on how we can help and what is the right solution for you!

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