Teeth Whitening in Highlands Ranch, CO

Do you have an event coming up? A wedding, birthday, anniversary that you want to have a dazzling smile for? We think you should have the smile you want and deserve! If you are considering teeth whitening our Highlands Ranch Dentists are here to help.

Our Highlands Ranch Dentist have researched many whitening systems on the market. Not all whitening systems are created equal, this is why our Highlands Ranch Dentists have only chosen to work with the best system. Cottonwood Dental Group is proud to offer a variety of options with KOR whitening system.

What is KOR whitening?

Most whitening systems out there use Hydrogen Perioxide as the main whitening agent. KOR is different! The KOR system uses Carbamide Peroxide as the active agent. So what’s the difference? KOR products combat sensitivity using it’s unique desensitizing agent. The KOR whitening system is one of the most researched and tested whitening products on the market.

What are my different options?
At Home KOR whitening kit: this is recommended for most patients. This system can be completed in the comfort of your own. Custom trays are fabricated to wear at night. We recommend that you wear 1-2 hours every night for about a week. In the more difficult whitening cases, our Highlands Ranch Dentist may recommend you wear the whitening trays over night and for up to 6 weeks. It is important that you use the desensitizing agent.

KOR Max: this whitening system is for very difficult cases that have intrinsic staining like tetracycline staining, white spots, and permanent yellow or brown stains. This system requires 1-2 in office whitening sessions as well as home whitening treatments like the KOR home whitening systems.

Highlands Ranch Dentist

We want you to have that dazzling smile you deserve! Call our Highlands Ranch Dental Office today at 303-694-9740 and schedule whitening to get the Smile you want and deserve. Our family has been treating families in Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Parker, and Castle Pines for 30 years.

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