Taking Care of your NEW SMILE- Tips from our Highlands Ranch Dentists

Congratulations on your new smile. Our Highlands Ranch dentists, Dr. DeLapp and Dr. Parsons take hundreds of hours of continuing educational courses each year to provide you with top notch products and services. Now that you have invested in yourself and your smile, it is important to remember that things will feel different in your mouth then they did before. This is a good thing! Our highlands ranch dentists, have provided you with an optimum bite and smile. It will take your brain a few days to catch up but be assured that soon you will not remember what it felt like before.

Here are a few things you can expect after your new smile

Healing: Anytime Dr. DeLapp or Dr. Parsons does something for your smile, they also do something to your smile. Some healing can be expected. Most patients reports mild sorenesss/ sensitivity for a few days after our appointment. We recommend taking an OTC medication such as Advil/Ibuprofen or Aleve. These are anti-inflammatory medications and help with any discomfort you may experience.

New Sensations: As noted before, you now have a new smile, but it may take your brain and body a few days to catch up. You may notice and increase and saliva and increase awareness of your bite. These are all normal and these should subside within a few days to a week’s time.

Take Care: We recommend that most patients especially those with a smile make over wear an occlusal/night guard. This is important because your teeth and new restorations are still at risk of chipping/breaking. Avoid hard/sticky candies, hard foods such as ice, peanut brittle, or popcorn hulls.

Home Care: Just as home care is extremely important for natural teeth, it is even more so with your new restorations. It is critical for the long term success of your new teeth that your home care is optimum. Just like natural teeth, these teeth are also susceptible to getting cavities and gum disease. Please make sure that you continue to visit our Highlands Ranch dental office for your bi-annual cleanings and check ups!

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Congratulations on being the best you! We are so glad your smile does you justice! As always, any questions or concerns, please call our office and speak with any one of our outstanding team members at 303-694-9740!

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