Should I have a Fluoride Treatment At My Next Highlands Ranch Dental Visit?

Getting optimal fluoride is the most effective way to prevent cavities. Although our water is fluoridated to safe and optimal levels, many of us are not receiving adequate doses of fluoride to prevent caries (cavities). Whether you have made the switch to bottled or filtered water, using toothpastes without fluoride, or simply require more fluoride to prevent cavities then you are currently getting our Highlands Ranch dentist may recommend a professional fluoride treatment. The use of fluoride treatments is a widely accepted treatment for children during the regular dental visit, but what about adults? Childhood caries (cavities) is the number one chronic disease of childhood and is the root causes for most absences from school and we are finding adults are just as susceptible to caries (cavities) if not more.

Prevention has always been a part of the dentistry world. Leaders in the dentistry world, including our Highlands Ranch Dentist, are on the forefront in helping prevent caries. The ADA (American Dental Association) as well as Dr. DeLapp and Dr. Parsons are now recommending that adults also receive professional fluoride treatments at their regular dental visits. Studies have shown that receiving professional fluoride treatments, reduces the need fillings by as much as 30 to 50 percent in adults. The process is very simple and takes only a few minutes of our dental hygienist to pain on a fluoride varnish to all the surfaces of your teeth.

Here is what our Highlands Ranch Dentists also recommend to help receive adequate fluoride levels between your dental visits:

– Drink 8-16 oz of unfiltered, regular tap water everyday
– Make sure your toothpaste contains Fluoride (such as Crest Cavity Protection)

– Rinse with ACT Fluoride Rinse at night for at least 30 seconds and do not rinse with water after
– If you have a high caries risk or a very acidic mouth, use the CariFree products you can learn more here
– Make sure to have biannual dental check ups at Cottonwood Dental Group

Call our office and speak with one of our outstanding team members at 303-694-9740 and make sure you schedule your professional fluoride treatment at your next dental check up.

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