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Your SMILE is priceless, which is why our Highlands Ranch dental team strive to deliver precise, accurate, and natural looking transformed and restored smiles.

Same Day Crowns/Bridges/Veneers with CEREC technology

You may be in need of a dental crown if you have a weak, broken, chipped, or a deep/extensive cavity on your tooth. With a crown, your tooth is artificially restored with a tooth-shaped crown placed over it. The crown essentially saves the weak tooth from breakage, fortifies it, and restores tooth shape and size. Our Highland Ranch Dentists, Dr. DeLapp and Dr. Parsons have proudly been restoring your teeth back to their natural beauty and function with their wealth of knowledge. Our Highland Ranch dental office offers same day crowns with Cerec technology. Both of our doctors have specialized training in Cerec technology through the Spear Institute allowing them to creating beautiful crowns in under two hours.

Why should I place my crown at Cottonwood Dental Group?

We know the importance of feeling comfortable with your dentist. Dr. DeLapp and Dr. Parsons provide you with respect and care. Their philosophy is to provide one on one attention to each individual patient to help ensure each individual's health needs are met. Each appointment in our office is a reservation to see a licensed professional. Each provider is scheduled to give you 100% of their undivided attention.

Will my crown procedure hurt?

In keeping with our philosophy of providing comfort and care to each patient, we promise that we will do everything in our power to make you feel 100% comfortable during your appointment. From our over the chair televisions providing cable television, warm blankets, neck pillows, and various levels of sedation we will make sure your appointment goes smoothly and comfortably. Both of our Highland Ranch dentists have minimal sedation licenses and have taken many continual education courses are taken to improve anesthesia administration and techniques, with the goal of providing greater comfort for our patients.

What are the advatanges in the types of crowns at Cottonwood Dental Group?

Our Cerec machine can accomodate a variety of different materials including the most commonly used material in dental crowns called EMax. These crowns are made of a litium disilicate and have been proven in both esthetics and strength. These crowns are made digitally through digital impressions and milling process. Cerec crowns made with Emax are long lasting and typically need minimal to no adjustments after they are processed. In the event we feel your case would benefit from lab fabricated materials, be at ease as we utilize only top notch labs. Our aesthetic crown and veneer lab is nationally recognized and produces beautiful products. They fabricate crowns that fit in perfectly, smoothly, and easily.

It is apparent Cottonwood Dental Group has skilled dentists specializing in restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Highlands Ranch. Our wonderful in house Cerec and lab-created crowns can restore your tooth’s natural beauty without compromising comfort. Call today for your consultation!

Before starting any treatment, we sit down and take time to review the patient’s health and dental goals. Our objective is to find the best path which fits your needs. When those needs are met, the result is awe-inspiring. “It is wonderful to see what a difference a healthy restored smile makes!”

If you are eager to find a dentist in the Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Parker, or Castle Pines area who specializes in quality restorative dentistry, call Cottonwood Dental Group today!

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You may be in need of a dental crown if you have a weak, broken, or chipped tooth. With a crown, your tooth is artificially restored with a tooth-shaped cap placed over it. The crown essentially saves the weak tooth from breakage, fortifies it, and restores tooth shape and size. Specializing in restorative dentistry in Highlands Ranch, Cottonwood Dental Group effortlessly places beautiful crowns.

We offer CEREC same-day crowns to those who qualify.

We also utilize two excellent labs. Our aesthetic crown lab is nationally recognized and our everyday crown lab performs custom shading and staining in our office.

All crowns fit in perfectly, smoothly, and easily.



A comfortable full denture is needed when all teeth are missing, but if one or more natural teeth are still intact, an aesthetically pleasing partial denture can be created. Both full and partial dentures are removable, making them easy to clean and take off at night.

Implant-supported dentures are known as the “gold standard.” They are non-removable, contributing to greater security and comfort. Natural-looking, implant-supported dentures will not move or shift, so you can eat the foods you want…worry-free.



A dental bridge is an anchor-like restoration which joins two crowns on both sides of a missing tooth, restoring your smile and allowing for a proper biting, chewing, and speech. During your first visit, adjacent teeth will be shaped, allowing room for the placement of a crown and teeth impressions are made. Many times our Cerec machine can digitally create a beautiful bridge the same day!

Bridges can be budget-friendly as well as aesthetically beautiful and a wonderful restorative option for a missing tooth.


Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Multiple cavities or missing teeth may be causing you to hide your smile. With full mouth rehabilitation you can show it off again.

During our one-to-one interview we look at your records and discuss your desired smile. Digital radiographs are then taken, as well as intraoral and extraoral pictures. Once a plan is in place, we focus on restoring jaw muscles and joints. After this, we take a temporary wax-up and give you a prototype to take home. If the patient is happy, then the final porcelain restorations are completed.

In this process you are the priority! Everything is prepared so you can attain your dream smile!


‘‘Cottonwood Dental has been my dental provider for more than 20 years. I always receive excellent care and service. The doctors and staff are the best!

- Gregory H.


Do You Have an Incomplete Smile?

Make missing teeth a thing of the past with our implant dentistry solutions.

While missing teeth can definitely have a negative impact on the aesthetics of your smile, it can also be detrimental to its health.

A dental implant provides a permanent solution for missing teeth! A small post is surgically placed into the jawbone. Once fully integrated and healed, a beautiful, natural-looking crown is placed above the gum line to complete the restoration. For implants we use Nobel Biocare as they have a long-standing reputation as quality implant designers, which is why we offer it to our patients.

  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation
  • All of Four

At our Highlands Ranch dental practice we offer implant dentistry for a number of other procedures:

  • Denture Retained Implants
  • Full Mouth Retained Implants

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