“OUCH!” Why does it hurt when I bite? Our Highlands Ranch Dentists Explain…

Tis the season for enjoy good food and libations! But have you ever bitten down on something and had pain? Our Highlands Ranch dentists, Dr. DeLapp and Dr. Parsons have a probable explanation of what can be causing this discomfort.

Highlands Ranch Dentist - cracked tooth

Cracked tooth “syndrome” is a common problem in one of your teeth. Teeth may crack when subject to stress, chewing hard foods, ice, or biting on an unexpected hard object. Teeth with or without restorations may exhibit this problem, but teeth restored with a silver alloy (filling) restorations are more susceptible. When fillings become “too large”, a crown may be recommended to reduce the risk of fracturing.
Symptoms of Crack Tooth “Syndrome”
1. Pain on Chewing
2. Pain may be difficult to isolate to a specific tooth
3. Pain on cold or air application
4. Unsolicited pain
5. May or may not be able to “see” a crack on examination
Recommended Treatments when a tooth is “cracked”

1. Simple crack. Our Highlands Ranch dentists may recommend a full coverage restoration such as a crown. The majority of cracked teeth (90%) can be treated with a crown. When the tooth is restored with a crown the pain usually will leave. Our Highlands Ranch dental office, can accomplish this in the same day with Cerec technology.

2. Complex crack. In a complex crack the crack/defect can extend to the nerve or down the root of the tooth. This type of complex crack is seen about 10% of the time. If the pain persists after the crown is placed, the crack most likely progressed to the nerve and Dr. DeLapp and Dr. Parsons may recommend root canal therapy. Occasionally, the crack may spread to the root and the tooth may need an extraction. The latter scenario is uncommon but possible. If an extraction is indicated, and implant or bridge can restore the area.

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