Occlusal Guards: Protect Your Teeth!

My Highlands Ranch dentists Dr. DeLapp and Dr. Parsons ,told me that I need an occlusal guard at my last visit. Tell me more….

What is an occlusal guard?

Occlusal Guards are lab fabricated oral appliances used to help with those of who suffer from clenching and grinding. They are also known as night guards.
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What is their main purpose?

PROTECTION! Prolonged habits of clenching and grinding (which almost all of us do… even unknowingly) can lead to gum recession, wearing of teeth, and fractured and/or broken teeth. Faithful wearing of your occlusal guard will help prevent this from happening. We believe prevention is the best medicine. They can also help relieve discomfort caused by TMD. Check out a previous blog on TMD here.

I’ve seen these at the Drug Store… can’t I just get one of those?

Drug store occlusal guards can actually do more harm than good. Fit and bite are the main source of problems associated with boil and bites. These can end up causing increase in jaw pain, headaches and accelerate gum recession and the wear of teeth. These may save you a few dollars in the beginning but can cost you more dental treatment in the end.

How long will my Occlusal Guard last?

Occlusal guards will have to be replaced. Depending on the person and the amount of clenching/grinding they do, they may need to be replaced more frequently. On average they last anywhere between 3-5 years.

When should I wear my occlusal guard?

We recommend that you wear your guard every night during sleep. We may also recommend that you wear your guard during times of high stress during the day, for example, during high traffic driving.

Are there any alternatives?

Like we said before, we believe prevention is the best medicine! We recommend that most patients wear occlusal guards, especially those who are high stress or who have had a lot of dental work. We can add Botox injections to your occlusal guard to help relax the muscles in the jaw. Check out our previous blog on how Botox injections can help here.

Contact our Highlands Ranch dental office and speak with one of our outstanding team members and schedule your appointment to get your new Occlusal Guard. Prevention truly is the best medicine. Call our office today at 303-694-9740 or email us at cottonwooddental@gmail.com

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