No Shot, No Drill… Try our Waterlase iplus Laser at our Highlands Ranch Dental Office to remove cavities!

Consumer reports show that the sound of the dental drill is the number one most dreaded sound in medicine. There is also a high anxiety associated with dental anesthetic injections. What if we told you that there was an alternative to both the drill and anesthetic injections?

How can you fix a cavity without a drill or a shot?

Our Highlands Ranch Dentists, Dr. DeLapp and Dr. Parsons can now remove small cavities without drills or even anesthetic. Using their Waterlase iplus, the bacteria that causes cavities are removed through heating the water molecules in the your tooth. This causes the natural occurring water molecules to expand and dislodge the bacteria.

What will I experience if I chose to have my cavities fixed with the laser?

Studies have shown that about 70% of patients feel nothing during this procedure and about 20% of patients feel slight sensation but not associated with pain (more of a heating sensation). This allows a more pleasant and comfortable experience for patients without the traditional use of anesthetic.

What type of procedures can be used with the laser?

Most cases that are treated with the laser are new or small lesions (cavities) that may have a white filling that was previously placed. Any restorations (fillings) that have a new cavity that was traditionally filled with a silver amalgam restorations (fillings) cannot be removed due the metal content.

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The laser can also be used to treat periodontal disease, canker sores, herpetic lesions, aid in root canals, gum recon touring, or the removal of a suspicious lesion for biopsy.

Check out the Waterlase iplus as featured on The Drs. here

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