My Dentist Told me I need a Crown and I was like “I know, Right!?!”

During your regular examination at our Highlands Ranch dental office, Dr. DeLapp or Dr. Parsons might discuss that one or more of your teeth need a crown. While we all think we need a crown …more like the jeweled one that sits on top of our head, our Highlands Ranch dentists want you to know some common reasons they recommend crowns.

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First off…. What is a Dental Crown?

Like it’s royal counterpart, a dental crown encompasses a full circle around the tooth it’s covering. It is typically made of a ceramic/porcelain material. In our Highlands Ranch dental office, most restorations are made with our Cerec milling unit from a product called Emax. But, depending on your bite and other factors, Dr. DeLapp or Dr. Parsons may recommend a different product or material.

Second… Why do I need a crown?

Here are the top 5 reasons our Highlands Ranch Dentists recommend you need a crown

1. Broken filling: Most of us at some point in our lives had a silver alloy (amalgam) filling placed. These restorations tend to be stronger than the surrounding tooth structure and cause fracturing in the remaining tooth structure. These fractures can cause breaking and lead to more problematic and costly treatment in the future. Composite or white fillings can also break or lead to minimal tooth fracturing and require a crown as well.

2. Big Cavity: Sometimes when a cavity gets big enough, by the time Dr. DeLapp or Dr. Parsons remove all the infected tooth structure, there isn’t much left to work with. In order to put you back together we need something to cover the entire tooth structure.
3. Cracked tooth syndrome: You may have read about Cracked tooth syndrome in our previous blog… if not you can check it out here. Cracked tooth syndrome can cause pain upon chewing/biting and mirco- factures may or may not be apparent when Dr. DeLapp or Dr. Parsons examine your tooth or seen it on radiograph (x-ray).

4. After root canal treatment. After root canal therapy has been performed, most times the tooth will require full coverage restoration with a crown. When a tooth has had a root canal, the tooth is essentially no longer living but rather maintaining function and space, in these cases, the tooth may become more brittle and susceptible to breaking. A crown will help protect this tooth from breaking and increasing the success of root canal therapy.

5. Esthetics: some times crowns can be used to improve esthetics. Whether you are unhappy with your overall smile or a specific tooth, a crown or veneer can be used to get you the smile that does you justice!
Our Highlands Ranch dental team is ready to help fit you for your new crown. Although it may not be jeweled and sit on top of your head… we know you will be just as happy having it help you eat like a King or Queen! Call our Highlands Ranch dental office today and schedule your appointment at 303-694-9740. Most crowns can be done in the same day with our in office Cerec milling unit!

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