Meet Your Family Doctors

At Cottonwood Dental Group, our main goal is to put our main focus 100% on you during your dental appointments. You deserve quality dental care, and our commitment to excellence ensures you and your family get top-notch service. Why are we so committed? Our practice is a family-owned and family-oriented community since 1982, and your respected doctors continue to stay updated with the latest technologies and techniques to provide you and your family exceptional dentistry.

Cottonwood Dental Group was founded by Dr. James DeLapp, a retired and respected Denver area dentist. In 1992, his wife, Dr. Candace DeLapp took the reins and has continued the success of stellar dentistry with her daughter Dr. Sarah Parsons.

Just like a family, Drs. DeLapp and Parsons will take the time to thoroughly educate you about all your options to reach your dental goals. They strive for you and their patients to be involved in the dental process so they have control in their dental health. They are committed to excellence by giving you their full-attention 100%. They empower individualized and exceptional patient care.

Become part of our family at Cottonwood Dental Group and receive the best dental treatment from Drs. DeLapp and Parsons. You deserve to live with a beautiful, healthy smile at the expense of family-oriented doctors who care.

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