Get a Beautiful Smile in One appointment with CEREC Technology

Walk into our Highlands Ranch Dental Office and you will be amazed at all the technology our office has to offer! Speaking of technology, have you heard about our CEREC machine? With CEREC technology, our Highlands Ranch dentists, Dr. DeLapp and Dr. Parsons, can fix broken/chipped/ decayed teeth in a single visit! That’s right you heard it, one visit! Say good-bye to gooey impression materials and the dreaded temporary crown!

What is CEREC?

CEREC restorations have been around since 1987, but in the last few years have made huge advances in the world of dental restorations! Did you know now you get a crown done the same day with equal strength as a lab fabricated crown? This technology not allows for same day crowns, but it can also make custom made onlays (partial coverage crowns) and custom made fillings. This technology can also aid in Implant placement. Not every doctor has this technology, but Dr. DeLapp and Dr. Parsons feel you deserve the best and have invested in the technology and additional training with the Spear Institute.

Cerec- Highlands Ranch Dentist

What are the advatanges of CEREC?

While there are many advantages to the technology, here are 3 main reasons we love CEREC:

1. Maximize your time in our Highlands Ranch office. With CEREC, there are no more multiple appointments needed for crowns, onlays, etc. You can leave with your final restoration the same day!

2. Dr. DeLapp and Dr. Parsons customize each restoration to the individual patient!

3. No more gooey impression materials. With CEREC technology impressions are taken digitally with a small intraoral video camera!

Before and After Cerec- Highlands ranch Dentist
Want to learn more? Call our Highlands Ranch dental office today at 303-694-9740 and schedule your appointment! Get the smile you’ve always wanted with CEREC technology!

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