Say “Hello” to Our Newest Technologies!

If you haven’t heard, our dentists in Highlands Ranch went to the 2014 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention, which is the largest continuing education event for dental professional in the Rocky Mountains.

Dr. Parsons and Dr. DeLapp attended this convention to stay updated on the latest techniques and technologies to make your dental experience that much better. And, our dentists in Highlands Ranch have some exciting news to share!

That’s right! We purchased the best digital scanner and laser around.

The laser is called the Biolase Hydrolase iplus! This technology has the ability to treat periodontal disease, sensitivity, cavities, and oral lesions (cankers sores, cold sores, and various bumps in the mouth).

Our digital scanner is referred as the 3 Shape Trios system. Say “good bye” to goopy impressions and “hello” to digital impressions. This technology allows us to take accurate and clean impressions to make your treatment more efficient.

At Cottonwood Dental Group, we make it a priority to have the best technology and comfort out there to make your dental experience fun, convenient, and pain-free! Contact us today!

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