Dental Sedation, What Are Your Options?

Many people suffer from dental anxiety. The cause and degree of dental anxiety can vary from person to person. Our Highlands Ranch Dentist want you to know that we are here to help. We offer a variety of different sedation levels to help you relax and have a positive dental experience.

What are your Sedation Options?

1. Nitrous Oxide Sedation: Nitrous oxide is also known as “laughing gas”. This type of sedation lasts only for the duration of your appointment. A mask  fits over your nose and titrated individually to a desired level. This sedation feels like a “1-2 cocktail buzz” and allows you to relax. At the end of the appointment the nitrous oxide is flushed completely from your system with 100% oxygen for 5 minutes. This type of sedation can be used for both a routine cleaning and check up as well as any dental procedure.

2. Prescription of an Anti-Anxiety medication: Another option is having a Valium or Halicon prescribed before your appointment. These anti-anxiety drugs help remove the anxiety people feel before or at the beginning of their appointment. For this type of sedation it is mandatory to have a driver. Anti-anxiety medications affect people differently and can impair judgments, this is why we recommend that you do not operate any heavy machinery, like a car, while under the influence of these medications.

3. Minimal Sedation: This sedation technique includes taking an Anti-Anxiety medication 1 hour prior to your dental appointment with the addition of nitrous oxide. During this type of procedure, you will still be awake and aware, but very relaxed and calm. This is a great option for those requiring sedation but do not want IV sedation. Again, it is mandatory to have a driver to take you to and from the appointment.

4. Moderate Sedation: Moderate sedation allows for us to bring in a dental anesthesiologist (some one who specializes in anesthesia). An IV is placed in your arm and anti-anxiety and amnesic (memory impairment) drugs are titrated to your specific needs. You experience a state of “light” sleep, but can still be awaken if need be. Again, a driver will be required for this type of sedation and we recommend that a responsible adult be present with you for a few hours after the procedure to monitor you.
5. General Anesthesia: This requires you to have your dental procedure performed at a hospital. This is type of sedation is for those who have severe dental phobia that cannot be accomplished any other way.

We are proud to offer many levels of sedation for your dental needs. It is important to our Highlands Ranch Dentist that you are comfortable and have a positive experience in our office. For more information or to schedule a sedation consultation, please call our Highlands Ranch dental team at 303-694-9740.

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