Dental Health New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is approaching us quickly. It may be time to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions and what you want to do for a better year. Maybe it is a new job, a new diet regiment, more family time but whatever it may be, why not consider something that helps your better your dental health? Making a dental health resolution may be just what you need to set the course for your other resolutions. Studies have shown that keeping your teeth healthy show benefits to your entire body’s health and wellness.

Here are some New Year’s Resolutions, that our Cottonwood Dental Group team believe with help your overall health and well-being in 2017:


We will start with what you are expecting to hear; floss regularly. You knew we were going to say it, so the cat is out of the bag. Brushing and flossing protects your teeth from tooth decay and gum disease. Tooth decay and disease is caused from the tooth’s mortal enemy, plaque. Studies show that flossing removes the build of plaque from in between your teeth, where decay and disease begin. Gingivitis is the earliest form of periodontal disease. If this goes untreated it will worsen; causing the area to become swollen, red and irritated. Taking the precautions to floss regularly and brush will help prevent tooth decay and disease.

Routine Visits:

Another great Dental Health resolution is to set regular appointments with Dr. Parsons or Dr. DeLapp. Scheduling and making your visit to see the Cottonwood Dental team a regular routine in your year, will help keep you from needing expensive treatment and keep you on track for your oral health. Regular visits allow Dr.Parsons and Dr.DeLapp to recommend your individualize treatment as needed, not waiting until you need oral surgery, but keeping your oral hygiene in excellent condition.

Healthy Diet:

At Cottonwood Dental Group we believe in your oral health and we believe in your total body wellness as well. Having good health means a healthy diet. Eating a well balanced diet is vital to your oral and dental health. If your body lacks nutrition, it can affect your entire immune system. When we don’t meet our daily requirements for nutrition this increases the body’s susceptibility to getting sick, tooth decay and disease. Healthy eating helps you protect your whole body’s tissues, muscles and organs including your teeth and gum tissues. We all know there is potential for bacteria to rest in the mouth, having a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and maintaining the proper nutrition will help stave off bacteria’s and viruses that may enter the body and will protect your oral health.

Quit Smoking & Cut Back on Excessive Drinking:

Our last and largest suggestion for a successful dental health resolution is to quit smoking and keep alcohol consumption to moderate use. Using tobacco products has been proven to be bad for your dental health as well as your overall health How smoking or tobacco products specifically affect your dental health are issues such as: tooth decay, tooth discoloration, gum recession, disease, and a huge risk of cancer. This includes oral cancer along with lung, throat and other systemic cancers. Lastly, the use of alcohol in moderation. Living in Colorado, one of the leading states of microbreweries and distilleries in this nation, we know there are many surgeon general warnings about the effects of excessive drinking. You may know the side effects to your overall health, but did you know the side effects to your oral health. Studies shown from the ADA and ADG, show that drinking excessively increases receding gums and periodontal pocketing. Studies show that people who smoke and drink regularly are less likely to brush as routinely and are less concerned about their oral health than those who do not smoke or drink excessively.

We hope this article inspired you to consider adding some dental and oral health resolutions to your New Year! For this 2017 New Year, we hope that we inspired you on a new outlook for your resolutions, we look forward to serving you in the upcoming year and are so very proud to be your trusted Highlands Ranch Dentists.


From Our Family To Yours, Happy New Year.


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