Best and Worst Foods For Your Dental Health

Our teeth are important in our every day lives. From a smile to chewing food, it is important to keep our teeth strong and healthy. So, what are some foods that keep our teeth strong and healthy? And, what are the foods that we should avoid because they weaken our teeth? Our Highlands Ranch dentists, Dr. Parsons and Dr. DeLapp explain.

Here are a list of foods that help strengthen and keep your teeth healthy:

1. Water contain fluoride: Make sure you get your daily dose of tap water. Tap water contains fluoride an important mineral to keep your teeth strong and prevent cavities. Did you know that water fluoridation is considered the best preventative measure by the CDC?

2. Eggs. Eggs are high in protein and minerals including phosphate and Vit. D which are essential for oral health.

3. Apples and Carrots .These crunch snacks will satisfy your snack cravings while helping remove plaque and getting your fiber.

4. Seeds and Nuts. These contain minerals to replenish and strength tooth enamel that are removed by other acidic foods and drinks.

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What are some food to avoid?

1. Sugary sodas and snacks. High sugar sodas and snacks attack the enamel on the tooth surface and make them more susceptible to cavity causing bacteria. If you do decide to indulge (we recommend only as treats and not daily) make sure to follow up with some fluoride containing water afterwards.

2. Citrus foods. Citrus foods contain high amounts of acid. Acid erode the surface of tooth and also create an environment for cavity causing bacteria to multiply and reproduce.

3. Chewy candies and caramels. These treats tend to stick to and in between the teeth for a long time making them more susceptible to tooth decay.
Don’t forget that your daily oral hygiene routine is also important in helping lower your risk for dental disease. Make sure to visit our Highlands Ranch dental office at least two times per year for your cleaning and professional dental check up. Want to know more about how to lower your risks? Call our office at 303-694-9740 and schedule your visit with our Highlands Ranch dental office today!

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